Caponi Art Park is made possible thanks to generous funding from foundations, corporate sponsors, and individual donors.

We do our best to acknowledge our donors and volunteers. We apologize if we have made an error and ask that you report it to our office at 651.454.9412.

* Denotes gifts in honor of Anthony Caponi

2015 Contributors

Capital Club of MN
Eagan Foundation
Elmer L. and Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation
Mardag Foundation
Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Minnesota Historical Society
The Saint Paul Foundation

A Piece of Cake
Anchor Bank *
Byerly’s Eagan
Cub Foods Eagan
Target Eagan Store
Kowalski’s Market Eagan
Sam’s Club Eagan

Anchor Bank
AVR Inc.
Crown Rental and Party Store
Dakota Electric Association
Dog Rock Media
IOT: International Office Technologies
KFAI Radio
Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Assn.
Minnesota Energy Resources
Raeheart Financial
Robert Becka
Robert Borman
Think Mutual Bank
Thrivent Financial
Turtle Sign Company
West Bank School of Music

Friends of Caponi Art Park
Teresa and Thomas Alberto *
Julie and William Andersen *
Susan and Dave Arvidson *
Dorothy Baker *
Anchor Bank *
James Bassett *
Eileen Gorrell and Bill Weaver *
Stan and Mary Calof *
Damiano and Pat Caponi *
Nancy Caponi and Roberts Adams *
Jane Carlson *
Ivy Celender *
Jack Conrad and Bobbie Bochardt *
Steve Cox and Barbara Naramore *
Louise Dammann *
Chester and Sharon Ellingson *
Jay Fishman *
Pat and Sue Geagan *
Roger Griffith and Jean Taylor *
Patricia and Paul Gust *
Gary Hansen *
Craig Harris *
Greg and Colleen Hayne *
Dave and Heidi Hegenbarth *
Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard *
Michael and Karel Helgeson *
Val and Chris Jackson *
Juli and Todd Johnson*
Patricia Koors *
Katrina & Gene Laube *
Chip Lindeke and Terry Campbell *
Jo and Pat Lipinski *
Julie McCarty *
Bernard and Karen McGarrigle *
Cherryl Mesko and Jon Hohenstein *
David and Julie Moe *
William Muchow *
Krista and Craig Nelson *
Polonia Novack *
Kris O’Malley *
Wayne Potratz *
Linda Quammen *
Shruti Raghu *
John Chapman and Sara Steinheardt *
Tammy Severe *
Leona and Jerald Shannon *
Michelle Sharp *
Randall and Diane Smith *
Doug Winn and Susan Moore *
Claude and Maryann Swayze *
Lawrence Syverud *
Elaine Tecklenburg *
Kristen Vihovde and Jim Bolland *
Lynnette and Charles Wallin *
Bonnie and Dennis Walter *
Mary White *
Bilione Young *

Cheryl Andersen *
Lee and Lori Anderson *
Jane Aufmuth *
Janice Austad *
Cathryn Balek *
Rhea and James Benz *
Cheryl Bergen *
Susan Bertrand *
Barbara Blumer *
Patricia and William Bohm *
Claudia and Tim Braun
Cynthia Brewster *
Judy and Bob Brezinski
Jeffrey and Alison Brown *
Larry and Sharon Bruce *
Maria Brunet *
Kristine Callahan *
John Caponi *
Marjorie Carr *
John Christensen
Penelope Curry
Nancy Dahl *
Lowell and Margo Danner *
Roberta Dascales *
Joanie Davis *
Donald and Karen DeGenaro
Judy Devine *
Stephen Dunlap *
Jonathan Dymit
Rolf Erdahl *
Renee and William Ervasti *
Ernest & Joanne Frankovich *
Allan and Idy Garvis *
Paul and Kate Habegger *
John and Stephanie Hamann
Sandy and Tom Hamel *
Nancy and David Hanson *
Beth Hardy
Patricia and Stephen Harlan-Marks
James Hartung *
Thomas and Deborah Hedges *
Helen Hillstrom *
Carol and Kerry Hofner *
Jennifer Hood *
Steve Huntsman and Carolyn Mitchell *
James and Marjorie Jacobsen
Marsha Knitting and Raymond Morris *
Sue Klaseus *
David Kopf *
Richard Kueppers *
Geraldine Kustelski *
Joan Lambrecht
Mary K Lanz *
Jane Lawrence *
Linda Lee *
Patricia Legvold *
Arthur Lemke *
Michael Lewine *
Janet Madland
Susan Malecha *
Cathleen Marquardt *
Ray and Kathy Martin
Dorine and Gonzalo Martinez *
Richard and Joan Meierotto *
Larry and Cheryl Moe *
Betsy Mowry Voss *
Debra and Michael O’Connor *
Rosemary O’Hara
Sue Olson *
Lynne and Grayson Osteraas
Nora Paoli
Rachel Peterson
Sharon Peterson *
Colleen Raskob *
Kelly Rogers-Winston *
David and Joyce Rosenbaum *
Sue Rosenbaum and Chris Roberts *
Jane Rosenberger
James Ross *
Richard and Grace Schmitt *
Truman and Beverly Schwartz *
Mary Ann and Michael Sexton
Tony and Sally Sexton *
Carrie Jo Short *
Jon Skaalen *
Farrell and Kathleen Stiegler *
Norton Stillman *
Joan Stovall *
Maureen and Wayne Sultan *
Ross and Carol Taylor *
Caroline and Richard Thompson *
David Unowsky *
Judith Urban
Donovan and Audery Wagner *
Vicki Wagner
Heather Westerlund *
Steve and Cherie Weston *
Neal and Heidi Wetherall *
Kathleen Willette *
Patricia Wolesky *
Diane Wolfson *