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Mu Daiko Drumming Family Fun Tuesdays

Family Fun Tuesdays

When: Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. June through August
Where: Caponi Art Park's Sculpture Garden, 1220 Diffley Road, Eagan (unless noted)
Cost: Ticket-free admission with $4/person suggested donation

Starting its 17th season, Family Fun Tuesdays is a weekly performance and education series occurring June through August. Admission-free, children and their caregivers experience the joy of participating and expressing themselves through singing, dancing, and telling stories, and exploring different cultures and new ideas together.

Family Fun Tuesdays creatively engages children's curiosity and imagination. Kids are given the opportunity to "unplug", experience the "real world" of nature and get to know the richness of their own and their neighbors' cultures.

The program is offered free of charge in keeping with Caponi Art Park's mission to make art accessible for all members of the community. A donation of $4 per person makes the series possible. There is a small fee for organized groups that attend a Family Fun Tuesdays event.

All groups, including childcare centers, schools, scout troops, and service groups, must call ahead for space availability, fees, and parking information.

Parking: Caponi Art Park's main parking lot is located at 1220 Diffley Road. Signs are posted. It's a short 5-minute walk to the performance area. Please call ahead for handicap parking information.

Weather: Programs will only be canceled in the event of severe weather or if the artist is unable to perform. In case of rain, events will be held under a canopy. Weather-related announcements will be posted on our homepage one hour before the performance. Announcements are also made via our enewsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages.

2015 Family Fun Tuesdays Schedule
See the Event Calendar for our full calendar of events.

MacPhail Center Free Family Activity @ Caponi

MacPhail Center for Music: Discovering the Natural World Through Music
June 2, 2015

Birds tweet and bees buzz. Nature sounds are musical! Join MacPhail Center for Music's early childhood music specialists in exploring some of nature's sounds through hands-on musical adventures and activities. Children will experience nature through songs, rhymes, movement, literature, instrument exploration, and visual art. We will swim like a fish, jump like a frog, sing like a bird, mimic nature sounds through instrument exploration, and create!

Science Musuem @ Free Family Fun Tuesdays

Science Museum of Minnesota: Nature of Sound
June 9, 2015

Vibrating objects make sound! Manipulate items by plucking, striking, shaking, or rubbing them together to hear the sounds they make. A tuning fork, crystal goblets, and an oscilloscope are among the tools the Science Museum will use to investigate sound.

Young Dance | Family Fun Tuesdays in Eagan

Young Dance Company: "Stories"
June 16, 2015

The boys and girls of Young Dance presents excerpts from "Stories," our annual spring concert featuring tall tales, quirky characters and twists of plot explored through dance. Since 1987, Young Dance has encouraged youth to build body and spirit through the creative art of dance. Girls and boys, ages 7-18, work with peers and professional choreographers to create and perform original choreography. Come with your whole family to enjoy a presentation of excellent choreography and gain insight into the process of making and performing dances through demonstrations and interactive dances led by members the dance company.

Catch Young Dance open for the June 28 Summer Performance Series featuring Sisters of Swing at 6:30 p.m.

Free Fun Things for Kids

Sisters of Swing: The Andrews Sisters' Songbook
June 23, 2015

Sisters of Swing is a concert act presenting the music of Minnesota's own Andrews Sisters with a trio of engaging, close-harmony singers who are among the Twin Cities' finest accompanied by a 7-piece band. The music is classic Big Band vocal swing music, an original American style that finds a new, young audience whenever it is performed. The music builds bridges between people of every age and ethnicity with infectious rhythm and hummable tunes. The Andrews Sisters chose songs from many different ethnic traditions and embody a musical "melting pot" of American music culture. Their music connects the rich heritage of popular music from America's past and present, and is no less fun and energetic today than when it was recorded and performed. The song list includes contemporary songs set in the Andrews Sisters inimitable style.

Catch more Sisters of Swing on June 28 for our Summer Performance Series.

Sumunar @ Family Fun Tuesdays

Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble: Indonesia--Listen, Dance, and Learn
June 30, 2015

Musicians, directed by Sumunar's music director, will introduce the audience to this form of music that is unique to Indonesia. Sumunar's dance director will demonstrate traditional Indonesian dance and teach the audience a simple dance. You will be ready for a visit to Indonesia after learning basic Indonesian geography, climate, language and customs too.

Science Musuem @ Free Family Fun Tuesdays

Steve Sklar and Johnna Morrow: Hollow Trees and Human Harmonics
July 7, 2015

One of Steve Sklar and Johnna Morrow's specialties is music that explores and uses instruments and vocal techniques emphasizing Harmonics (overtones). Harmonics is a branch of mathematics and physics that deals with the way vibrations manifest and behave, and is an important aspect of astronomy, engineering, music, and audio technology. Many of these instruments and voices are very ancient, and produce unusual, interesting and beneficial effects on listeners.

Musician and sound healer, Sklar is the leading teacher and performer of Khoomei (Tuvan/Mongolian throat-singing) and Tibetan "low chordal" chanting voice outside central Asia. Morrow, also a musician, singer/songwriter, and sound healer, plays the didgeridoo, numerous world flutes, acoustic guitar, singing bowls, gongs, waterphone and other exotic percussion and wind instruments. In addition, Morrow is an accomplished visual artist.

Free Kid-Friendly Entertainment @ Family Fun Tuesdays

BareBones Productions: Outdoor Puppetry and Performance Art
July 14, 2015

For twenty years, BareBones has been stimulating audiences' senses with their visionary parades, outdoor installations, and spectacle performances that involve stilts, bicycles and gigantic puppets. Performing in parks and other public spaces around the Twin Cities metro area, this collective of visual and performing artists is most well-known for their annual Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza.

Catch more BareBones extravagances on August 23 for our Summer Performance Series.

Storytelling | Free Family Fun Tuesdays

Beverly Cottman: African & African American Folktalkes, Fables & Stories
July 21, 2015

Storyteller Beverly Cottman is an interdisciplinary artist creating at the intersections of visual, literary and performance art. As the storyteller 'Auntie Beverly' she tells folktales, stories and fables which reflect African and African American culture and heritage. Let your imagination soar as Cottman educates and entertains her audience.

See Beverly Cottman open for the July 12 Summer Performance Series featuring Dakota Valley Summer Pops Orchestra at 6:30 p.m.

Open Eye Figure Theatre: The Adventures of Juan Bobo
July 28, 2015

Always a fan favorite, Open Eye Figure Theatre presents a colorful and lively hand puppet show accompanied by live accordion music. The world is upside down in The Adventures of Juan Bobo—and he is going to do something to turn it right side up! Inspired by Puerto Rican folk stories, the show combines puppetry, music, Spanish and English in a delightful tale of riddles, silly devils, a missing pig and a village in need of a hero.

Terrell Woods aka Carnage Beat Boxing

Terrell Woods a.k.a. Carnage: Beat Boxing
August 4, 2015

Experience and learn the art of beat boxing from the artist whose mouth has been called "the best drummer in town". Using the body and mouth as an instrument, kids will produce the musically melodic and rhythmic sounds considered beat boxing. You'll hear and be encouraged to study how various forms of music have influenced beat boxing via hip-hop culture as a whole and how the art form continues to advance.

Woods a.k.a. Carnage is a hip-hop artist widely recognized for his mind-numbing lyrical dexterity and uncanny ability to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through human beat boxing.

Kevin Straus Storytelling Family Fun Tuesdays

Kevin Strauss: Around the World with Stories
August 11, 2015

Take a whirlwind trip around the world with stories! Award-winning author and storyteller Kevin Strauss will tell you stories to make you laugh, make you smile, and make you think. Hear animal tales, hero tales, and legends from every inhabited continent and learn a little about the people and countries that gave us these amazing tales. No passport required.

Ragamala Dance @ Caponi Art Park

Ragamala Dance Company
August 18, 2015

Experience an interactive demonstration highlighting two art forms from southern India—the rich classical dance form of Bharatanatyam, and the intricate visual art form of Kolam floor drawing. Artists will share the background and cultural roots of both art forms, showing how ancient art forms can remain relevant and alive. Using the grounds of the park as a canvas, participants will be guided in creating their own Kolams. These intricate designs made on the ground using dry rice flour are done by women in southeastern India every morning before dawn as a conscious offering to Mother Earth. Open to all ages and no experience necessary.

This Family Fun Tuesday works off Ragamala Dance Company's August 9 Summer Performance Series of Sacred Earth.

Children's Activity Twin Cities Eagan

Theater of Fools: Fool's Medicine Show
August 25, 2015

Lloyd Brant's one-man medicine show leaps from the pages of American history. His 19th century style medicine show, however doesn't sell snake oil. Lloyd's pitch is the Emergency Clown Nose®, bringing his audience on a magic journey of discovery to why laughter is the best medicine.

See Theater of Fools open on June 14 for Summer Performance Series featuring Salsabrossa at 6:30 p.m.

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This progrom is funded, in part, by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council's 2015 Arts Learning grant.

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