Caponi Art Park: Restoring and Nurturing the Human Spirit through Art, Nature and Community.

The Park is composed of 60 acres of rolling wooded hills and trails that enlighten and delight all who visit.

Come explore on your own, enjoy a performance or book a group tour.

A message to our community of supporters and fellow art enthusiasts:

Due to the growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we are putting our traveling programs, ArtWise and Caponi on the Road, on hold for the time being. We are committed to doing our part to keep those we serve and our staff safe and healthy. We are following the recommendations of the CDC and ask for your patience during these times of uncertainty. We hope you will continue to support Caponi Art Park by visiting us or scheduling a tour and workshop this summer.

Please stay safe and healthy. We look forward to serving our community once again in the coming months.

Coming Up Next at Caponi Art Park...

Join our community of people who love art and nature. 

Visit the Park and Participate in Events Join us at the Park for various scheduled activities throughout the year. Most events are $5 per person or less!

Volunteer — Help us promote and support the Park with your time and energy.

Donate — Individual donors are essential to the Park’s success.

Become a Friend of the Park  — attend invitation only events and receive special benefits.

Sponsorships — A business partnership with the Park supports a community treasure and contributes to the quality of life in our community.

Thank You for all contributions!

Photography by Haley Anderson (right)