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Make Caponi Art Park Your Classroom

Book a tour and workshop for your class now to discover “art unframed” in a beautiful natural setting. We offer a wide range of workshops that cater to all ages and abilities. We want to work closely with you to select and tailor your visit to fit your specific needs.

Our goal is to restore and nurture the human spirit through art, nature and community. Our tours and workshops use nature as a tool to teach art and art history to all ages. Your students will gain a new appreciation for art and nature as well as a better understanding of art terms and techniques.

View our 2022 Tours & Workshop Brochure

Guided Park Tours

Have you ever taken your students to a museum? Why not bring your class to the stunning urban oasis of Caponi Art Park?

While at Caponi Art Park, tour groups are able to break the number one museum rule of “do not touch the art.” Our philosophy at is that to truly appreciate and experience the art, you need to use as many senses as possible. Your students will have the unique opportunity to experience one artist’s lifetime of work in their curated outdoor laboratory.

Caponi on the Road

Introducing our new year-round programming, Caponi on the Road! Caponi on the Road builds on the Park’s existing summer curriculum and will further our goal of educating students about artistic practices and principles through nature. All of our workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your current curriculum. With Caponi on the Road, our staff travels to you to bring the best of Caponi Art Park to your classroom without the need for travel plans. Rain (and probably some snow) or shine, enjoy the experience of Caponi Art Park. 

View the Caponi on the Road Brochure  for more information on the program.

Art Workshops

At Caponi Art Park your class can be led on a personalized art exploration in our living outdoor laboratory.

We will provide students with nature-based materials and lead them through one of our newly revamped workshops. They will create a project they will be proud to display at home. You can chose a pre-designed workshop or customize one to fit your specific curriculum. Our trained staff has years of experience teaching art to learners of all ages and our workshops can be adapted to all learners’ abilities. Our workshops last 45 minutes to an hour.

Additional Information

  • Activities last 45-60 minutes (Plus 60 minute tour if scheduled)
  • All art activities take place outdoors
  • Art activities can get messy, please dress accordingly
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up

Self-Guided Tours

Handheld park maps and self-guided tour guidebooks are available for checkout at the park. Our tour guidebooks explain the history of the Art Park as well as provide information on the artwork.

Informal groups of 20 or more people are encouraged to call 651-454-9412 ahead of your visit. Park facilities are often reserved for scheduled tours and events and may not be available for your use. Calling ahead will ensure a more enjoyable park experience for your group.

Groups of more than 20 people are required to schedule a guided tour.


Guided Tours — 2022 prices will be announced soon

Art Activities — 2022 prices will be announced soon

Self-Guided Park Tours for individuals and groups of less than 20

  • No admission fee. Donations are appreciated.
  • Groups of more than 20 are required to call (651) 454-9412 to schedule a guided tour.

Accessible Guided Tours — 2022 prices will be announced soon

  • Group leaders if riding cart will count toward final number
  • Visitors must be able to board golf cart with minimal assistance

Schedule your tour and workshop today!

Email Lauren or call (651) 454-9412 to reserve your spot!

Group Tour Policies

Scheduling: Tours can be scheduled anytime the park is open, except during large performances and events. We will ask for an estimate of the number of participants in your group to be sure we have the right amount of staff and workshop materials available. 

Change in the Number of Participants: If you know the size of your group will be significantly different than your original estimate, please contact us at least two weeks prior to your scheduled visit. We will use the actual number of participants

Cancellation Policy: 2022 pricing updates to come. 

Rescheduling Policy: If your group chooses to reschedule its visit, we will try to accommodate your request based on availability. Groups who contact us two weeks or more prior to their original scheduled date will not be charged a reservation fee to reschedule. Groups who contact our program coordinator less than two weeks prior to their originally scheduled date will be assessed a reservation fee (2022 pricing updates to come) in addition to the cost of the reschedule program.

Weather Policy: If inclement weather (severe weather, extreme temperatures, ect) is likely, contact the park at least two hours prior to your group’s scheduled visit. Your group is responsible for deciding to cancel or reschedule. Groups cancelling two or more hours before their scheduled visit due to weather will not be charged the program fee or the processing fee to reschedule. If your group chooses to reschedule its visit, we will try to accommodate your request based on availability.

Payment Policy: At time of scheduling an invoice for a deposit fee (2022 pricing updates to come) to hold your reservation will be emailed to you (this fee will be applied to the final cost of your group visit). Upon your arrival to the park, final payment is due based on the actual number of participants. Payment can be made onsite with check or cash, or an invoice can be sent for electronic payments.


We require at least one chaperone for every 10 students. A chaperone is an adult over 18.

Chaperones must stay with their students at all times and are responsible for the conduct of the students they are accompanying. While our tour guides will set the rules and expectations, their main purpose is to guide the tour and teach art workshops. The ability of the chaperones to monitor the conduct of your group will help us provide the best experience possible for your visit.

In the rare event that a student’s behavior is disruptive to others, Caponi Art Park (CAP) staff will ask for additional assistance from teachers and chaperones for the group. In extreme situations, Park staff reserves the right to ask the student to leave The Park.

Field Trip Prep

  • Review the rules and expectations of Caponi Art Park with your students before your visit.
  • For groups over 20 participants: Each tour group will be split into smaller subgroups with one Caponi Art Park staff per small group.
  • The park is open to the public during group tour visits, please be aware that there may be other visitors in the park.
  • Because we are outside there may be mosquitoes, bees, flies, and other animals. We recommending bring insect repellent and preparing students to see wildlife.
  • The tour included walking about 1 mile. We recommend bringing water, sunscreen, and weather appropriate clothing.
  • The Park has portable restrooms that are ADA accessible and equipped with hand sanitizer.

While you’re at the park please:

  • Respect those in your group and other park visitors.
  • Walk while on tour – no running.
  • Touch the sculptures at the park, only use your hands.
  • Do not climb on any of the parks sculptures, landscape or walls.
  • Listen while your guide is talking so that everyone in your group can hear.
  • Ask questions. They help everybody to learn!