Cancel the Bus, We’ll Come to You!

Introducing Caponi Art Park’s new program, ArtWise, where we bring the park to you. ArtWise is specially tailored for the senior community, boasting longer and more intricate workshops, as well as a greater emphasis on learning. Participants will engage with the materials, and one another, in order to foster a unique and creative space where all are welcome.

Our goal at Caponi Art Park is to restore and nurture the human spirit through art, nature and community. Join us and discover workshops that are inspired by nature and Caponi Art Park’s own beautiful natural setting. We offer a wide range of workshops that cater to all interests and abilities. Our workshops use nature as a tool to teach art and art history to all ages. It is our goal for you to walk away with a new appreciation for art and nature as well as a better understanding of art terms and techniques. 


To schedule a visit we will ask for:

For more information about ArtWise and how to schedule a visit call us at 651-454-9412 or email